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Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 sets out rights and responsibilities for landlords and tenants.

Caryma Sa’d works with both landlords and tenants. She instinctively considers opposing points of view when advocating for her clients. This balanced approach yields effective results.


“Short of losing one’s liberty, the loss of one’s home is as serious a matter as can be imagined.”

— Britannia Glen Co-Operative Homes v. Indie Singh and Kuntie Singh


Caryma Sa’d can assist with filing or defending the following eviction applications:

  • Non-Payment of Rent (Form N4)

  • Interfering with Others, Damage, or Overcrowding (Form N5)

  • Illegal Acts (Form N6)

  • Causing Serious Problems in the Rental Unit (Form N7)

  • Landlord, Purchaser, or Family Member Requires the Rental Unit (Form N12)

  • Demolishing, Repairing, or Converting the Rental Unit (Form N13)


Contact Caryma Sa’d for help preparing or defending the following Landlord and Tenant Board applications:

  • Rebate from Landlord (Form T1)

  • Tenant Rights (Form T2)

  • Rent Reduction (Form T3)

  • Bad Faith Eviction (Form T5)

  • Repair and Maintenance (Form T6)

  • Whether the Act Applies (Form A1)

  • Sublet or Assignment (Form A2)

Caryma Sa’d also assists with drafting affidavits, motions to set aside an ex-parte order, payment agreements, requests to amend an order, requests to extend or shorten time, adjournment applications, and requests to re-open an application.


Strategic thinking, thorough preparation, and persuasive advocacy are ingredients for success.

Caryma Sa’d regularly appears at the Landlord and Tenant Board. She has experience with internal reviews, as well as Divisional Court appeals.

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